Laura Marsh, Ethan Krupp, Oliver Berger/ "The One Where They Sing"

Laura Marsh (Monica!), Ethan Krupp (Ross!), and Oliver Berger (Chandler?!) join The Make It Up to talk about their upcoming performance of "The Unauthorized Musical Parody About Friends", about the out-of-nowhere international success of their previous run, and all things Friends! *CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP*

The One Where They Sing! "The Unauthorized Musical Parody About Friends" goes up on January 20th at MCL. All proceeds go to Sarah's Inn, a non profit providing services for families affected by domestic violence. Find the show info HERE.

Listen to the episode here on the site or in iTunes! 
EP cred: Voices:Alex Romero/Kyle Mantegna/Maggie Smith/Laura Marsh/Ethan Krupp/Oliver Berger;//Produced: Alex Romero/Kyle Mantegna/Mariah Michael;//Music: Kyle Mantegna;//Edit: Kyle Mantegna;//