“We’re All The One”/ Lauren Walker

Lauren Walker joins The Make It Up to talk about building the diversity jam at iO, waking up to subconscious biases and creature comforts, and theater’s ability or inability to pay artists.

Find Lauren on Instagram, or her paypal/venmo, laurenwalker2@yahoo.com, as she is collecting reparations from guilty white people! AND, check out The Crowd Theater — it’s a great new theater offering a low-cost space for performers and anyone else who just needs a space to work on anything!

Music in the middle by Ha Ha Tonka thanks to Bloodshot Records.

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"Holographic"/Maggie Smith

9/15/15 Maggie Smith is back! We got Mr. Roger’s, 9/11, and Sinbad. And, new segment Gentle Graze Topics Galore. Make it up.

"Movement"/ Theo Koppel

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"New Watch"/ Maggie Smith

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“Three Tickets”/Kayla Pulley

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A Christmas Carol: REMEMBERED

A Christmas Carol done by memory — no script, little outline, and a moral so honest it’ll scare the . . . Dickens. . . out of you. What? I said it. I’m out.

With Katie Lindert, Mariah Michael, and Mo Phillips-Spotts!! 12/24/14.